Spreading The Fun

After returning back from the PRSSA Conference in Boston we were assigned to teach students about this experience and how this can help them. The two class I decided to present in were Jim Fisher’s Intro to Mass Media class and Maria Blevins Comm Theory class. For this presentation I really wanted students to understand what this organization is and how much it can help them and I also wanted to intrigue more students into PRSSA by showing them how much fun they can have.

I began my presentation by explaining what PRSSA is and more about UVU’s chapter. I was surprised by how many students had never heard of PRSSA or thought to join. This organization can help you in so many ways especially within our UVU chapter. Here at UVU there are events every month that people can attend to network, educate themselves, and become more involved. I just barely got involved with PRSSA last semester and I really wish I would have been more involved early on because it is such a great thing to be apart of.


I then described what this conference was exactly and what we did. This conference was such a great learning experience for me. I got to talk to top notch professionals, get feedback on my resume, learn more about PR, and network with people from all over the country. This conference can really open up so many opportunities for those who attend and I explained that to my peers in my classes.


My presentation ended with my video from the trip. This video basically summed up the whole trip by showing the conference and all the fun things we did while exploring this city. My hopes with this video was to get students wanting to go on future trips with UVU PRSSA and I think this video did just that. After my presentation I had a handful of students come up and ask me more questions on how to get involved and how they can apply for these trips.


I enjoyed sharing my experience with my fellow students. This experience truly was once in a lifetime and I want other students to be able to have this opportunity. I remember one student last semester did this for the New York PR trip and that’s what got me to apply for this trip. I hope I had the same impact as the student before me.

If you have any more questions about UVU PRSSA or how to get involved with PRSSA please feel free to ask me.





Week in Boston wrapped up!

I created a video of my time with UVU PRSSA in Boston. This was such a an amazing trip and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity for this experience. This trip is just the beginning of my career and I’m excited to see the things I learned here help me in my future careers. Boston you will be missed! I promise I’ll be back! ​



Boston Memories

Attending the PRSSA National Conference with UVU’s PR chapter will be one of my favorite things from my college experience. I cannot express enough how beneficial and fun this trip was. The friends I made and lessons I learned will last a lifetime and help me further my career in public relations. This conference helped me figure out what I want to do in pr and what I need to do next. Before this experience I wasn’t very involved in PRSSA and didn’t really know any of the 15 other members going on this trip. But after preparing for this class and spending a week with them in Boston I gained 15 new friends. The memories made will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful to have other students to help me through this journey.

File_000 (12)

The preparation for this trip helped me be fully prepared for this incredible opportunity. Before we stepped foot in Boston we researched the presenters, created resumes, and posted blog posts gearing up for this experience. These assignments made all the difference at the conference, our group of students really stood out and people noticed. We had our briefing books out and ready to use. These books contained background information, important contributions, and questions we could ask each presenter or company. As hard as this assignment was it was the most beneficial thing I did for this conference, without it I wouldn’t have taken away as much.

File_000 (6)

Listening to these professionals inspired me to work harder to reach my goals. It was refreshing to hear their stories and see how they overcame their struggles to gain success. Each presenter taught us something new about the pr world that will impact how we prepare for the industry. This conference offered a variety of speakers from a variety of different industries and it was useful to see all these different people and areas of work. My favorite presenters were Jason Rentner and Nikki Barjon. Both these presenters talked about the sports industry, and this is what I want to go into. I learned more about this industry and what it takes to land a job in this competitive industry. This conference was such an amazing learning experience, I would encourage anyone studying pr to attend one of these conferences it can truly change your career.

File_000 (8)

Where do I go from here? Well now I apply all these lessons and experiences into my school and work life. Doing this can help me grow as a student and jump start my career. I am going to be graduating here pretty soon and this experience made me more prepared for the real world. I feel more comfortable with public relations and understand what it is and does more because of this conference. PRSSA truly changed my life and I hope to one day be up on that stage helping young kids like me achieve their dreams in the future. 



Time Traveling In Plymouth

I can’t believe that today is our last day in Boston, the week went by so fast. I’ve had the time of my life out here exploring this city and all it has to offer. For our last day we explored an area outside of Boston called Plymouth. We started the day off at Plymouth rock, where the Pilgrims supposedly stepped foot off of the Mayflower. This was an interesting exhibit it was just a rock enclosed on the beach in this foyer. This was such a beautiful area though, it’s right along the coast with a view of Cape Cod.

After the rock we headed up to Plimoth Plantation. This plantation is a replication of the colonizing of the pilgrims and the Native Americans. I was amazed at how well this replication was I truly felt like I time traveled back in time. They truly wanted to tell the stories of the cultures and they did that by making this an interactive exhibit. The workers interacted with visitors while going about their daily life in the 17th century. They were dressed up as if they were back in that time, talked as if they were back in time, and answered questions as if they were back in that time.


This was so educational because you could see what life would be. You got to hear the history and had the opportunity to ask your own questions about their daily life. We went from house to house and talked to each individual in there. We learned about how they cook their meals, stay warm in winter, and fit all their family members in there.

After walking away from this exhibit I felt more culturally educated. We all know the basic history of the Pilgrims came to America but this taught me more about how they came to America and how they lived. I got to visually see their life and see their history.


This state is so culturally rich in history especially this area, everywhere you look there is something significant. I truly enjoyed this experience and it gave me a better understanding of the Pilgrims. If you find yourself in Boston you need to make a trip down to Plymouth you won’t be disappointed.


I’m sad that this trip is coming to a close but I enjoyed every moment of it. I got to explore this great city and state, meet new friends, and learn more about public relations. Without UVU’s PRSSA I wouldn’t of had this opportunity. This was such a growing trip for my career and I can’t wait to apply what I learned into my life.



The Boston Garden

Boston is known for their rich championship history in sports, today I got to tour one of those championship arenas. The TD Garden is home to the Boston Celtics, one of the most famous NBA teams in history. The franchise was founded in 1946, while they played in another stadium at the time the TD Garden was opened in 1955. The Celtics franchise has won over 17 championships, the most of any NBA team. Their players have been some of the greatest such as Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett.

Today we got to tour this historic teams arena and the sports hall of fame. As soon as we walked in the door I was in my element. This is where I want to take my public relations career into the sports industry and today I got to see what life would be like to work for a team like this.

We began the tour with the museum side of things. This hall of fame showcased some of Boston’s greatest athletes and teams in history. There were a variety of sports featured that Boston has excelled in. They showcased the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, local colleges, Olympic athletes, and those who attributed majorly to sports in Boston. It was so neat to see this town’s rich history of athletes. Touring this museum I got to learn more about these athletes and these teams that have been apart of the sports world’s history.

IMG_7543 (1)

After the museum we toured the arena and got to see the behind the scenes aspects of the arena. This arena was relatively small compared to others, it holds just over 18,000 which is the size of the Marriott Center. It was still amazing though, my favorite part was the banners hanging in the rafters. They had dozens of banners showing off their winning history. This team prides themselves on their championships and it was so neat to see that. The next thing we toured was the press boxes and level. This was cool to see the behind the scenes production of the team. This is where I would be, all their media personal and broadcasting members. I loved this because I got to see what a job would be like with this team, although no one was there working just being in the atmosphere gave me the glimpse. That concluded our tour, we tried to persuade our guide to let us see the locker rooms and press room but we failed. Since they were in season they were super strict of letting people down there. I still loved this tour though it was one of my favorite things we did.


This trip has inspired me to achieve my goals and work my way up to my dream job, which is in the sports industry. This industry is hard and competitive but seeing this and going on this tour motivated me to work my butt off so I can be there and have my dream job.

I’m so grateful for this trip and everything UVU’s PRSSA chapter has done for me. Without it I wouldn’t be on this trip or had these opportunities. I encourage you all to join if you are interested in pr it can open up so many doors.



Glitz and Glam of PRSSA

The PRSSA National Conference is slowly wrapping up today. There were a few keynote speakers but the conference is coming to a close. It’s incredible the amount of information I learned in such a small amount of time. Each speaker taught me something new about the PR field and inspired me to work harder and achieve my dreams.

The morning sessions consisted of some powerhouse women Bea Arthur and AmyK Hutchins. Both of these women are women I would like to become, they are so driven and have their life together. Bea talked about perfecting your business pitch and how to grab investors attention. My favorite part about this was she actually offered a write up in Forbes to the audience member with the best pitch. 5 brave souls got up and pitched their company to Bea, and she gave them on the spot critiques. This was so neat how quickly she knew what would make their pitches better and that she took the time to listen and help teach us all how to improve our pitches.

File_000 (8)

The day followed with a career exhibition, here we got to walk around the ballroom and meet with different schools and companies. Most the universities were promoting their graduate school programs and this has actually been something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I’m almost done with my bachelor’s and I’m still debating about continuing. Some of these schools offer sports management or communications programs and that’s something I could do to help give me a competitive edge. I talked to a few different schools one of those was NYU, I have a passion for the city and the programs they offer. It was neat to see all the different opportunities that were available to me and this conference really does help those attendees get those.

We ended the day and wrapped up the conference with a award ceremony and dinner. Here they awarded different chapters awards for the past year’s work and offered scholarships to students who exceeded in the field. Last year UVU won the Outstanding Chapter award and these year that went to BYU. Utah is taking over the public relations field. The ceremony was very nice and a good way to end the conference. Plus we got to dress up all fancy for the night and act like celebrities.

File_000 (7)

File_000 (5)

This conference was truly an amazing time, I learned so much and I am going to apply that knowledge into my school and work life. I met so many new friends and got to talk to so many professionals from all over the nation. Public relations is such a great industry and this got me more excited for the work force!

If you haven’t joined PRSSA do it now, I promise it will change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. UVU’s chapter is one of the best of the best!

Now we get to explore the city of Boston, keep following for more updates!



The Social Age

Today I had the opportunity to hear from Jason Rentner, the Director of Digital and Social Media for the Football Hall of Fame. During this session, Jason gave tips for perfecting social media content and a sneak preview of the new Hall of Fame expansion.

This expansion is going to be a big part of Jason’s job in promoting and getting the word out to visitors. The Hall of Fame is adding a world class hotel, new playing fields for youth, food and life centers, and a whole new way of experiencing football. They are wanting to create this football village and give people a whole new way of celebrating one of America’s favorite sport.

Jason discussed the key elements needed to create successful social media content. The keys are to first establish a purpose. You want to post content with intent or a goal, not just for the heck of it. The second key is to be relevant.  Finding ways to jump into discussions everyone is talking about is important and will help you connect more to your audience. Jason talked about how the Hall of Fame used a current event to connect with a huge audience by creating their own eclipse with some of the bronze heads of the Hall of Famers and tweeted about it to join in on the conversation. This tweet went viral, it made sports center and gave them exposure all because they stayed relevant to the current events. The third key is to be timely.  This involves researching the best times, days, weeks to reach the most viewers. You want to maximize your viewership and know when people are online which is key with social media. The fourth key is to be accurate. Make sure your content is accurate before you post, double check with fellow employees or the source you received the information from. Once it is on the web it is on their for good so take the time to make it right. The last key is to have fun. Use memes, engage with others, make it your own, be creative with it.

File_000 (10)

I really enjoyed this session of the PRSSA conference. Jason is a great presenter and has some amazing insight on social media.  His job is what I would love to do for a professional sports team or company. It was so nice to hear from a professional in the field, and gain some knowledge of what to expect from the job and what I can be doing now to prepare. Social media is such an important part of our world especially in the public relations field. It is important that we understand how to create effective content and that is just what Jason taught us.

This conference has been incredible so far, PRSSA offers so many great opportunities to students all over the nation. I’m proud to be apart of UVU PRSSA, without it I wouldn’t be learning in the amazing city of Boston.