Spreading The Fun

After returning back from the PRSSA Conference in Boston we were assigned to teach students about this experience and how this can help them. The two class I decided to present in were Jim Fisher’s Intro to Mass Media class and Maria Blevins Comm Theory class. For this presentation I really wanted students to understand what this organization is and how much it can help them and I also wanted to intrigue more students into PRSSA by showing them how much fun they can have.

I began my presentation by explaining what PRSSA is and more about UVU’s chapter. I was surprised by how many students had never heard of PRSSA or thought to join. This organization can help you in so many ways especially within our UVU chapter. Here at UVU there are events every month that people can attend to network, educate themselves, and become more involved. I just barely got involved with PRSSA last semester and I really wish I would have been more involved early on because it is such a great thing to be apart of.


I then described what this conference was exactly and what we did. This conference was such a great learning experience for me. I got to talk to top notch professionals, get feedback on my resume, learn more about PR, and network with people from all over the country. This conference can really open up so many opportunities for those who attend and I explained that to my peers in my classes.


My presentation ended with my video from the trip. This video basically summed up the whole trip by showing the conference and all the fun things we did while exploring this city. My hopes with this video was to get students wanting to go on future trips with UVU PRSSA and I think this video did just that. After my presentation I had a handful of students come up and ask me more questions on how to get involved and how they can apply for these trips.


I enjoyed sharing my experience with my fellow students. This experience truly was once in a lifetime and I want other students to be able to have this opportunity. I remember one student last semester did this for the New York PR trip and that’s what got me to apply for this trip. I hope I had the same impact as the student before me.

If you have any more questions about UVU PRSSA or how to get involved with PRSSA please feel free to ask me.





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