Boston Memories

Attending the PRSSA National Conference with UVU’s PR chapter will be one of my favorite things from my college experience. I cannot express enough how beneficial and fun this trip was. The friends I made and lessons I learned will last a lifetime and help me further my career in public relations. This conference helped me figure out what I want to do in pr and what I need to do next. Before this experience I wasn’t very involved in PRSSA and didn’t really know any of the 15 other members going on this trip. But after preparing for this class and spending a week with them in Boston I gained 15 new friends. The memories made will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful to have other students to help me through this journey.

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The preparation for this trip helped me be fully prepared for this incredible opportunity. Before we stepped foot in Boston we researched the presenters, created resumes, and posted blog posts gearing up for this experience. These assignments made all the difference at the conference, our group of students really stood out and people noticed. We had our briefing books out and ready to use. These books contained background information, important contributions, and questions we could ask each presenter or company. As hard as this assignment was it was the most beneficial thing I did for this conference, without it I wouldn’t have taken away as much.

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Listening to these professionals inspired me to work harder to reach my goals. It was refreshing to hear their stories and see how they overcame their struggles to gain success. Each presenter taught us something new about the pr world that will impact how we prepare for the industry. This conference offered a variety of speakers from a variety of different industries and it was useful to see all these different people and areas of work. My favorite presenters were Jason Rentner and Nikki Barjon. Both these presenters talked about the sports industry, and this is what I want to go into. I learned more about this industry and what it takes to land a job in this competitive industry. This conference was such an amazing learning experience, I would encourage anyone studying pr to attend one of these conferences it can truly change your career.

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Where do I go from here? Well now I apply all these lessons and experiences into my school and work life. Doing this can help me grow as a student and jump start my career. I am going to be graduating here pretty soon and this experience made me more prepared for the real world. I feel more comfortable with public relations and understand what it is and does more because of this conference. PRSSA truly changed my life and I hope to one day be up on that stage helping young kids like me achieve their dreams in the future. 




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