Time Traveling In Plymouth

I can’t believe that today is our last day in Boston, the week went by so fast. I’ve had the time of my life out here exploring this city and all it has to offer. For our last day we explored an area outside of Boston called Plymouth. We started the day off at Plymouth rock, where the Pilgrims supposedly stepped foot off of the Mayflower. This was an interesting exhibit it was just a rock enclosed on the beach in this foyer. This was such a beautiful area though, it’s right along the coast with a view of Cape Cod.

After the rock we headed up to Plimoth Plantation. This plantation is a replication of the colonizing of the pilgrims and the Native Americans. I was amazed at how well this replication was I truly felt like I time traveled back in time. They truly wanted to tell the stories of the cultures and they did that by making this an interactive exhibit. The workers interacted with visitors while going about their daily life in the 17th century. They were dressed up as if they were back in that time, talked as if they were back in time, and answered questions as if they were back in that time.


This was so educational because you could see what life would be. You got to hear the history and had the opportunity to ask your own questions about their daily life. We went from house to house and talked to each individual in there. We learned about how they cook their meals, stay warm in winter, and fit all their family members in there.

After walking away from this exhibit I felt more culturally educated. We all know the basic history of the Pilgrims came to America but this taught me more about how they came to America and how they lived. I got to visually see their life and see their history.


This state is so culturally rich in history especially this area, everywhere you look there is something significant. I truly enjoyed this experience and it gave me a better understanding of the Pilgrims. If you find yourself in Boston you need to make a trip down to Plymouth you won’t be disappointed.


I’m sad that this trip is coming to a close but I enjoyed every moment of it. I got to explore this great city and state, meet new friends, and learn more about public relations. Without UVU’s PRSSA I wouldn’t of had this opportunity. This was such a growing trip for my career and I can’t wait to apply what I learned into my life.




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