Glitz and Glam of PRSSA

The PRSSA National Conference is slowly wrapping up today. There were a few keynote speakers but the conference is coming to a close. It’s incredible the amount of information I learned in such a small amount of time. Each speaker taught me something new about the PR field and inspired me to work harder and achieve my dreams.

The morning sessions consisted of some powerhouse women Bea Arthur and AmyK Hutchins. Both of these women are women I would like to become, they are so driven and have their life together. Bea talked about perfecting your business pitch and how to grab investors attention. My favorite part about this was she actually offered a write up in Forbes to the audience member with the best pitch. 5 brave souls got up and pitched their company to Bea, and she gave them on the spot critiques. This was so neat how quickly she knew what would make their pitches better and that she took the time to listen and help teach us all how to improve our pitches.

File_000 (8)

The day followed with a career exhibition, here we got to walk around the ballroom and meet with different schools and companies. Most the universities were promoting their graduate school programs and this has actually been something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I’m almost done with my bachelor’s and I’m still debating about continuing. Some of these schools offer sports management or communications programs and that’s something I could do to help give me a competitive edge. I talked to a few different schools one of those was NYU, I have a passion for the city and the programs they offer. It was neat to see all the different opportunities that were available to me and this conference really does help those attendees get those.

We ended the day and wrapped up the conference with a award ceremony and dinner. Here they awarded different chapters awards for the past year’s work and offered scholarships to students who exceeded in the field. Last year UVU won the Outstanding Chapter award and these year that went to BYU. Utah is taking over the public relations field. The ceremony was very nice and a good way to end the conference. Plus we got to dress up all fancy for the night and act like celebrities.

File_000 (7)

File_000 (5)

This conference was truly an amazing time, I learned so much and I am going to apply that knowledge into my school and work life. I met so many new friends and got to talk to so many professionals from all over the nation. Public relations is such a great industry and this got me more excited for the work force!

If you haven’t joined PRSSA do it now, I promise it will change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. UVU’s chapter is one of the best of the best!

Now we get to explore the city of Boston, keep following for more updates!




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