The Social Age

Today I had the opportunity to hear from Jason Rentner, the Director of Digital and Social Media for the Football Hall of Fame. During this session, Jason gave tips for perfecting social media content and a sneak preview of the new Hall of Fame expansion.

This expansion is going to be a big part of Jason’s job in promoting and getting the word out to visitors. The Hall of Fame is adding a world class hotel, new playing fields for youth, food and life centers, and a whole new way of experiencing football. They are wanting to create this football village and give people a whole new way of celebrating one of America’s favorite sport.

Jason discussed the key elements needed to create successful social media content. The keys are to first establish a purpose. You want to post content with intent or a goal, not just for the heck of it. The second key is to be relevant.  Finding ways to jump into discussions everyone is talking about is important and will help you connect more to your audience. Jason talked about how the Hall of Fame used a current event to connect with a huge audience by creating their own eclipse with some of the bronze heads of the Hall of Famers and tweeted about it to join in on the conversation. This tweet went viral, it made sports center and gave them exposure all because they stayed relevant to the current events. The third key is to be timely.  This involves researching the best times, days, weeks to reach the most viewers. You want to maximize your viewership and know when people are online which is key with social media. The fourth key is to be accurate. Make sure your content is accurate before you post, double check with fellow employees or the source you received the information from. Once it is on the web it is on their for good so take the time to make it right. The last key is to have fun. Use memes, engage with others, make it your own, be creative with it.

File_000 (10)

I really enjoyed this session of the PRSSA conference. Jason is a great presenter and has some amazing insight on social media.  His job is what I would love to do for a professional sports team or company. It was so nice to hear from a professional in the field, and gain some knowledge of what to expect from the job and what I can be doing now to prepare. Social media is such an important part of our world especially in the public relations field. It is important that we understand how to create effective content and that is just what Jason taught us.

This conference has been incredible so far, PRSSA offers so many great opportunities to students all over the nation. I’m proud to be apart of UVU PRSSA, without it I wouldn’t be learning in the amazing city of Boston.  




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