Game Plan For Success

For this conference I was selected as one of the live bloggers for the events. We got to chose from a variety of speakers and topics and when I saw Nikki Barjon’s name on the list I knew she was the one for me. I admire Nikki’s career and passion, she is the best of the best for the sports and entertainment world.

This session was truly informational, I learned so much from Nikki in a short amount of time. I have never been inspired by someone, the thing I like most about her is how blunt she is. She gets right to the point with her work and if something is wrong she will let you know. She has such a passion for mentoring young adults and I could see that in her speech and listening to her talk with us students. Today she talked to us about how to help get our career up and off the ground. This blog post is actually going to be published in Progressions the PRSSA magazine. Hope you enjoy!

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What’s the key to a winning team? A successful coach with a game plan. The same goes for getting your public relations career up and off the ground. To get to that game winning moment or championship ring you need to prepare a game plan. Today Nikki was the PRSSA National Conference attendees coach and she gave students a “winning plan” to put into action.

Creating a game plan must be unique to you. There’s not one winning plan for success, you must cater to your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has their own path and you won’t make it by copying someone else’s. After you figure out your plays you must put in the extra work. The more work you put in the better you become. You have to be willing to be the first one up and last one out if you want to be one of the best. The last part of your game plan for success is to

“get your head in the game” by going into opportunities ready to learn from others and soak in all the information your coaches have to offer.

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*Do what it takes to win. Study, Prepare, and Practice.

*Create your own playbook don’t copy someone else’s

*Go somewhere that aligns with what you want to be and your game plan.

*Get to the end zone by focusing on one play at a time.

*Be proactive, get off the bench!

So far Boston has been amazing! I love this conference and my UVU PR Crew! Can’t wait to see what is in store for the next couple days!




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