Racepoint Global

Today was our first day in Boston and the first day of the PRSSA Conference. We started our day off with a career tour with some of the Boston firms. I had the opportunity to tour Racepoint Global which is a marketing and public relations agency. This was a very good opportunity to get to see what a firm looks like and hear from their employees about their career.


Kelly Houston VP of Global Talent welcomed us into the agency and gave us a little background information on the company. This company is a global firm with 9 locations in various cities. This firm focuses on telling a creative story of their clients in their campaigns.

After gaining a little more knowledge on the firm a panel of Racepoint employees from different departments came in and talked to us about their career. The panelists represented the creative, marketing, account services, earned media, and media planning teams from the company. Each one described their area and responsibilities from a day to day basis. This was informative to learn about the different areas within a pr firm that you can work in. These panelists also answered all our questions about the industry and furthering our career.

To end our visit with Racepoint we got a tour of the whole agency from Kelly. The space was amazing and very welcoming. They had vibrant colors, love sacs, open space, games, a ski lift for personal time, and a dance party area for Friday’s. I could see why this place won best firm to work at 3 years in a row they make work fun!

After touring this firm I thought it was very cool and unique but I couldn’t see myself working there or in a firm really. I see myself more in a company working more closely with just one client rather than managing multiple at the same time. Working in a firm would help develop my skills and learn quick so I’m not going to completely count it out of my future.

This is only the beginning of the week I can’t wait to see what else I take away from these speakers and professionals. I am proud to represent UVU PRSSA chapter and will make the most of the opportunities given to me from this trip.




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