First Night In Boston

Hello Boston!

Today we arrived in this historical city and right off the bat we got a little taste of our nation’s history. We touched down in the city around 5 o’clock from there we headed to our hotel to freshen up for a night of exploring. We headed out for the night and ventured out to the city to explore. We first went and walked through the New England Holocaust Memorial. This was a very unique memorial and really brought into perspective how many lives were lost and what they went through. The memorial had 5 or 6 glass pillars that were a few stories high and they had all the numbers of the people lost in the Holocaust. They also had quotes from those lost and survived on the glass for viewers to read. The thing I liked most about this memorial was when you walked through it a mist of air came up and this put into perspective what these people went through in the gas chambers. I would recommend this memorial to anyone who visits Boston, not only is it free but it’s very unique.

Our next stop was finding a place to eat, and we chose the one and only Quincy Market. This place is great because it has a huge variety of places. This was perfect for our big group because people could go and get what they wanted. I ended up getting a nice bowl of Boston Clam Chowder and it was delicious. I seriously couldn’t get enough of this stuff, it truly was a Boston classic.


After we ate we just wandered around the neighborhood. We walked along the Freedom Trail and walked by Paul Revere’s house. The house was still in its olden day form and looked just like it would of way back then. This whole city has kept that aspect and that’s what I love about it, it has kept its roots and foundation and built upon that. The building that still have that colonial feel are my favorite ones here. It’s nice to see that a city has kept that instead of demolishing it for something new and high tech.

We were all pretty tired after walking around for a little bit so we called it a night and went back to our hotel. It was a good first day in Boston. We experienced a local favorite, got a taste of Boston history, and spent the night with good company. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store. The National PRSSA Conference begins tomorrow and I could not be more excited! I’m going to have the chance to meet so many people and open up so many opportunities. I’m glad I get to represent UVU’s chapter at this incredible conference. 

Goodnight Boston





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