Hope In A World of Terror

It is a pretty sad day when you wake up to another mass casualty in the world.  Nowadays, It seems like this is becoming a common occurrence. Our world can’t seem to catch a break. If it isn’t an attack it’s an earthquake, hurricane, financial crisis, and/or wars. The world seems like it is spiraling down into this deep abyss with no way out. People are panicking, loved ones are lost, homes are destroyed, and the world seems to stop for only a split second.

Just yesterday news broke out about another mass shooting in our country, this one happening at a music festival in Las Vegas. This one hit pretty close to home because I am a frequent visitor to Las Vegas and a frequent concert goer. As I woke up Monday morning I had no clue what had gone on the night before until I checked my phone. I had texts from friends asking me if I heard what happened the previous night. I quickly clicked on my New York Times app and was sickened by what I saw. I couldn’t believe this happened, I couldn’t believe someone could do this, but they did.


It is a sad day when people become scared to go to a concert or even go out in public for that matter. I can’t even imagine what that night was even like, this is becoming a reality more and more people are facing. The terror seems to be taking over our world but I saw some glimmer of hope come after this event and other tragedies.  

People came together like never before, in this time of distress, people united like never before. Terror will not win because of our unity, we can’t let them win.  I have been amazed at the compassion people have shown. I just read in the New York Times that the Las Vegas blood donation lines have four hour waits, there is an outpour of people willing to do their part and help. People opened up their rooms and homes and cars to help protect  and transport people. People worked together to help protect and save as many people as they could. Because of this I still have hope for this world. I still have hope for the human race. I still have hope for America. I still have hope that even in these horrible times there will be better days to come.

I find comfort in this hope, and I think others do too. This made me thinking of a talk I love from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland called “This, the Greatest of All Dispensations.”  In this talk he encourages people to go forward with faith and live life. Even with all the terror we cannot fear and stop living our lives. This talk comforts me in these dark times and I encourage you all to read it and it should bring peace to your worried minds.

I choose to have hope for a better future, life, and world.

As I travel to Boston this week I will go out without fear. This city has experienced their own terror and they have come back stronger.  I’m excited to go to Boston and experience this  amazing city, even with fear driving people away from traveling to big cities or mass gatherings. Be safe and always have hope.  Stay tuned for more posts about my trip to Boston with UVU this week.




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