Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Growing up a good portion of my life was spent at the baseball field. My little brother, Jordan, bled and breathed baseball ever since he was a little boy. I swear he had a at least one or two baseball games a week and it only ever stopped in December. I loved going to his games and watching him play.  This was our family bonding time because there was always a game or tournament and we would all go together. The baseball field became a second home for my family.

My little brothers baseball career took my family all around the country for tournaments. We traveled to California, Arizona, Omaha, New York, and Colorado and played some of the best teams in the nation.

So this summer when I had the opportunity to intern with a Minor League baseball team I felt like I was right back at home. The team I interned for was right here in Utah, it was for the Orem Owlz. This is a rookie affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. I had a variety of tasks throughout the season but it was all related to my major in public relations. My duties included helping setting up for corporate nights, posting on the Owlz social media pages, helping with the promos on the field, filming games, and taking stats for the broadcasting program on MILB.

This internship taught me a lot about the sports industry, after spending a summer in the ballpark I realized this is what I want to do for my career. I love the atmosphere of sports and so going to work was actually fun for me. Instead of dreading going to my job I looked forward to every game.

The memories and friendships created from this internship will be the highlight of my summer. From singing take me out to the ball game a zillion times to soft serve ice cream cones. I will always love being at the ballpark because it reminds me of my family and has been such a big part of my life.

Looking forward to my career, I am one day hoping to work for a Major League baseball team. Gaining this experience now will help me achieve that dream. I learned so much in just one short summer about the sports PR world, I still have lots to learn and experience to gain but it was a start.

I am traveling to Boston this next week and the Boston Red Sox clinched the American League East post-season spot. I’m going to try my best to catch a game but I’m looking forward to being in Boston during this special time. Sports are huge there, they have four professional sports team in their city. They are apart of a winning team culture and being in Boston I will be able to be apart of it.

Be sure to follow UVU PRSSA and my twitter to keep updated on my journey.

See you soon Boston, save me a Red Sox ticket.



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