More Than A Game

This past week professional athletes took the spotlight and not for their athletic performances, but political statements. It all began when Steph Curry declined a trip to the White House with the Golden State Warrior’s visit for winning the NBA championship.  President Trump then tweeted out to the world he was revoking the invitation. Athletes from various sports all spoke out on twitter showing their support for Steph Curry and voicing their opinion towards President Trump.

The next day all eyes were on NFL football players when President Trump tweeted and spoke about them showing respect during the national anthem.   How would they react, what would they do, what would they say?
Well game time rolled around and football players, coaches, and even team owners did something that has rarely been done during a professional sports game, they took a stand for change.

Some teams locked arms to show unity, some players took a knee, some teams stayed in the locker room for the anthem, and one player disregarded the anthem and stretched during it. This is letting players express their free speech but it is coming at a high price. Viewership is going down for NFL games, fans are even going as far as burning their memorabilia and tickets.

Here’s a link to see what each NFL team did during the national anthem.

This is tricky because you have fans who will support these actions and want change and fans who think this is very disrespectful. To me it seems like everything is turning into a political statement and it’s slowly making it’s way into the sporting world. This has become a team crisis and the team’s publicists and managers have to figure out a way to please their players and fans.

I was so intrigued by this and read up on all the stories because sports public relations is what I want to go into.  This was a really big deal, everyone was talking about it and this could be something I could have to face in the future. These protests made major headlines in The New York Times, CNN, Washington Journal and all the news channels.  This isn’t just about sports but about a controversial topic of our nation being divided.

It will be interesting to see what NBA players will do with the pre-season rolling around in less then a week, all eyes will be on them. While I’m in Boston I will be touring the Boston Garden home to the Celtics. While I’m on that tour I am looking forward to talking to the management about this topic and see what their viewpoint is on this subject and if they will be taking apart of the protests.

Ahh just a little over a week until I’m in Boston, stay tuned for more! Follow my twitter and UVU PRSSA to be updated about the trip!




4 thoughts on “More Than A Game”

  1. I fully support a persons right to protest. I think it’s freedom we have, that we are lucky to have. However I think it gets kinda old. I feel that kneeling isn’t doing much to help their cause. I feel they would be better served to get in their communities and work with state and local officials to create a CHANGE, rather than just kneel. To me it sends a message that they’re all talk and no action because that is how they choose to use their voice and platform.


    1. Hello Sammi,
      I am just seeing your comment sorry for the delay. But the NBA already has a stance on the issue and requires players to be present for the anthem and so they stick with that.

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