One Team One Dream

This is a saying I heard a lot growing up, it was my volleyball team’s motto for each season. “One Team One Dream” and our dream was to win a state championship. To do that we had to get along with one another, work hard, push each other, and work together as a team. You have six girls on the court and even if you wanted to you couldn’t do it all by yourself, you need your teammates to win the game. This was one of my teams main focus and mission statement and a big part of our values. 


One example in particular that I remember was during our state tournament. It was my senior year, I was excited for my last shot at winning a state championship. I was so excited to get out there and play. I’ve prepared my whole life for this moment, all the blood, sweat, and tears all came down to this moment. My future depended on this, I was talking to some college coaches at the time and they were going to be watching me at the state games. With my High School volleyball career coming to an end I had to start thinking about my future and if that involved continuing onto the next level. This made me a little nervous but I was pumped to get out there and show them what I got. So game one of the tournament rolls around and we were the top seed so we got to play a fourth seed from another region. This should be a piece of cake right? Wrong… The first few points roll around and I could tell something was off; with me, with the team, and with everything. Before you know it we were down 2 sets. If we lost one more our goal of state would be crushed just like that in the first round. I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t do anything right. Before we started the third set our coach told us we had to start playing as a team, everyone was trying to play for themselves and try to win this match themselves and that wouldn’t work. The next game rolls around and I’m still a little off but things start going more smoothly. That was when I realized no one can do this by themselves, we all have to work together and pick each other up when one is down or struggling. My whole focus changed to just to do my part for the team and that was to keep the ball in play and to not let the ball drop on our side. I shifted my mindset to doing everything I could to impress these coaches to doing my part so the team could succeed. Well things started to pick up and we came back and won the next three games to keep our dream of state alive.

As the tournament went on we won the next few games but lost in the semis. We didn’t accomplish our goal and I didn’t get to live out my dream but I learned something much greater  and that was teamwork. Too often we all get caught up in doing things for ourselves and acting selfishly but I’m telling you now nobody can do things alone. Playing volleyball and being apart of a team brought me so much happiness. I got to know each and every girl and we became more like a family than a team. They always had my back and I always had theirs and that’s what we need in life.


In the workplace you have to be able to work with your “team.” You may do projects and sales individually but your coworkers or teammates are your greatest resource. They will be there to catch you when you fall or help you resolve issues that may come up. When you work together you can achieve more. Yes, it is important to impress your bosses or “coaches” but they will be more impressed with your teammate skills. Companies act just like a team in order  to win in the business world  you must all be working towards the same goal and working for each other rather than against another.

UVU offers a team for you to be apart of and that’s their PRSSA program. This club allows you to meet communication students at UVU and all over the nation. You can participate in leadership roles and work together with a team for UVU’s chapter. You also have various resources like faculty, workshops, seminars, and tutorials to help guide you through your career. Being a member of this program has benefited me in so many ways, I have met so many people and had the opportunity to participate in various events that will help me prepare for my career in Public Relations.  If you haven’t joined this team I highly encourage it.

One Team One Dream



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